Thrilled to be reading from my new poetry manuscript:
May 7 @ 2 p.m. at the Heritage Grill located at 447 Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.


AUTHORS for INDIES April 29th 2017

Loved being part of this great event where authors support independent book stores! Loved selling other peoples books (and my own “THE LONG HELLO.”)

AlzAuthors features “THE LONG HELLO ~ Memory, My Mother, and Me.”

About AlzAuthors: We are AlzAuthors. In some way, each of us has been affected by Alzheimer’s disease/dementia. We share our experiences to bring knowledge, comfort, and understanding to others on this journey.

AlzAuthors was founded by four daughters of dementia who met over the internet because of their books, and formed a friendship and a mission to create a space where caregivers can find solid support, and those who share their stories can find the proper audience.