The long Hello is available in paperback, Ebook and audio book.  looking into your voice is available in paperback and Ebook and is currently in production as an audio book. Cathie performs internationally from The Long Hello, alongside actors and musicians. The Long Hello is currently being adapted for the  stage.




In this shimmering jewel of a memoir, The Long Hello ~ The Other Side of Alzheimer’s, author Cathie Borrie traverses rich terrain as she unearths the hidden and often painful treasures of a life well lived: the shadows and joys of childhood, the relationships that leave us both illuminated and bereft, the love, longing and loss that surge to the fore when a parent is ailing.  Memory, and the losing of it, serves as a powerful guide, and Borrie follows her mother’s eccentric and poetic lead into the past, transformed by the unexpected brilliance of the elder woman’s shifting dementia mind.  A paean of redemptive beauty, The Long Hello cherishes the bond between mothers and daughters, and creates a startling change in society’s perception of those journeying through Alzheimer’s.








This beautiful poem of a book, looking into your voice ~ the poetic and eccentric realities of alzheimer’s, is a collection of conversations offering alternative and beautiful insights into the Alzheimer’s mind. Celebrating the revelatory eloquence of the altered realities of dementia, these vignettes are from Cathie Borrie’s lyrical memoir, The Long Hello ~ The Other Side of Alzheimer’s, which chronicles and cherishes the relationship between a mother and daughter over a seven-year period as the mother’s mind transforms and her dementia increases. The mother’s voice weaves throughout the memoir with insight, humor and an astonishing poetic sensibility, challenging the negative stereotypes pervasive in the current and often limiting geography of dementia.

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